10 DA Astro Kindergarten

Dear children (and parents), you will be able to attend our Astro Kindergarten again this year. The activities and content will be plentiful. You are all welcome to join! Read more about it in the following article.

Saturday, 26. March 2016. u 09:06 sati

After the excellent attendance during our first Astro Kindergarten at last year’s 10 Days of Astronomy, we have decided to repeat it again this year. All the activities will take place in Hrvatski dom (7 Matija Gubec Street, Daruvar) in two time slots: 
  • On Thursday, April 7, from 4 to 6 pm 
  • On Friday, April 8, from 4 to 6 pm 

The Kindergarten will be supervised by trained preschool education experts with the help of our members. We have prepared interactive workshops, playground activities, as well as instructive and animated short films about space. Children of all ages are welcome. 

See you! 


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