10 Days of Astronomy, for the seventh time in a row

Or how the dark side of the Force surprised everybody and used Darth Vader himself and his faithful sidekick to take over at the opening ceremony of this year’s 10 DA. 

Sunday, 03. April 2016. u 09:44 sati

Everybody knows that the 10 Days of Astronomy, which the Daruvar Astronomical Society ‘Kumova slama’ organized for the seventh time this year, is an excellent event that has become one of Daruvar’s well-known brands. Therefore, this year’s opening ceremony has once again attracted a large number of astronomy enthusiasts – about two hundred people attended the first lecture held by Professor Vladimir Paar, and another 680 viewers followed its live stream online. 

Seeing as the first day of this manifestation was April Fools’ Day there might have been skeptics afraid of practical jokes or pranks; however, the events in Hrvatski dom unfolded without any trouble. The opening ceremony culminated in a surprise the members in the know kept a secret so well that not even the society’s president or secretary – Davor Rohlik and Toni Boroš – knew about it. At one point during the opening ceremony the stage was taken over by none other than Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper, characters taken from the famous Star Wars film saga and some of the most well-known bad guys ever to have appeared on film. They were members of the Croatian Star Wars Fan Association: Sandrino Požežanac, who has participated in 10 DA since its beginning and has lectured as well; and Matija Matečić, the president of the Association. Sandrino became our Society’s honorary member this year. 

The opening ceremony began traditionally with Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra, famously used as a soundtrack in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The piece was performed by students and teachers of Bruno Bjelinski Music School. After that Kumova slama’s secretary Toni Boroš, deputy prefect Đurđica Ištef Benšič, and Mayor Dalibor Rohlik all spoke to the audience. The Mayor’s speech officially opened the manifestation and the opening program included the poet Goran Gatalica, too. After a brief intermission mostly used for refreshment and taking pictures with Star Wars heroes, the first day of 10 DA continued with a lecture entitled ‘Have we managed to narrowly escape a predictable large-scale ice age?’ The lecturer, well-known to Daruvar’s audience, a participant of most of the 10 DA yearly editions and an honorary citizen of Daruvar, Professor Vladimir Paar, elaborated on his thesis that man has in fact, by engaging in agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions, contributed to postponing a global cooling event. He also answered a series of questions from the audience. 

Picture time with Darth Vader and Stormtrooper in the main square was scheduled for Saturday morning and the 10 Days of Astronomy will continue on Saturday afternoon with dr. sci. Davorka Radovčić’s lecture ‘The new hominin fossil species: Homo naledi’, in the late evening hours at the Petrov vrh Star Party, and with observing the Sun on Sunday at noon. These events will go on until Sunday, April 10, by which time eminent experts and scientists, from Ante Radonić, Korado Korlević, to our local forces, Josip Prević, Ivan Marko Dežić and Dunja Županić will have taken the stage in Hrvatski dom. All of this will be followed by workshops intended for elementary and high school students as well as kindergarten goers, and is dedicated to this year’s 10 DA central topic – planet Earth. The town of Daruvar co-organizes 10 DA again this year, Bjelovar Bjelogora County and Daruvar Technical School participate as sponsor and partner, respectively. This event has also been acknowledged by twenty firms in Daruvar whose donations have helped make everything happen. We would hereby like to emphasize the role of Hrvatski Telekom in all of this, who have generously provided us with an internet connection that allows CARNet to broadcast the opening ceremony, Mr. Paar’s lecture and Mr. Radonić’s lecture on Monday, April 4 for the whole world to see. 

Mato Pejić


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