The second half of 10 DA 2016

Read about the second half of this year's 10 Days of Astronomy and about the activities and lecturers you had the opportunity to see and hear.

Saturday, 23. April 2016. u 17:33 sati

Day Six 
A lecture entitled ‘Transhuman agenda’ was held on the sixth day of this year’s 10 DA by Korado Korlević, a man that needed no introduction to make sure all seats were filled. Over 230 people listened carefully to every word our biggest science popularizer – who had recently received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Zadar – had to say. Korado, however, doesn’t like to talk about that because he claims he is a life achievement award away from being ‘written off’ as no longer important. We would nevertheless like to sincerely congratulate him for this accomplishment. 
Even though it was straightforward and easy to understand, it is difficult to paraphrase this lecture. I suggest googling the word transhumanism to understand the gist of it. It was mostly about the advancement of man and technology, their merging together in order to improve both and about the future of human kind when it comes to medicine; how technology can help the handicapped, the ways in which we are already able to intervene in the human egg cycle to prevent genetic disorders, which is a safe and humane process. Will it stay this way or will man misuse this and manipulate genes into creating a super man? Will the rich also become immortal and will the rest of us be left to our own devices? The audience listened to all of this breathlessly and couldn’t wait for Korado to answer their constant stream of questions, which took at least another hour.All the members of Kumova slama seized the opportunity to spend time with Korado at dinner until well after midnight. 

Day Seven 
The day began with Korado’s visit to Daruvar Technical School where he spent time with the students, tried to get them interested in science and steer them in the right direction – towards education. 
Due to a lot of interest from students in J. A. Komensky Czech Elementary School, our member Tanja conducted her workshop a day earlier, which delighted everybody involved. A multitude of students gathered to learn something about planets, stars and galaxies. They discovered, in a simple, instructive and fun way, what their place was in this huge thing called the universe. They learned that the stars are much bigger and more awesome than planets, that our planet – along with other planets of the Solar system – has its own tiny but significant position within our galaxy and the vastness of the cosmos. A short lecture was followed by activities that allowed the students to create their own Solar systems and tell everybody what they know about astronomy and space. It seemed as though creative questions and dialogue would never end, which made the workshop that much more successful. 
At 4 pm astro-educators Dubravka Prević and Ivana Mžik opened our Astro Kindergarten. It was very well attended and the children were given the opportunity to play as well as learn something about our Solar system, the planets, the constellations and much more. 
Tijana Prodanović, a Doctor of Science and an associate professor at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad is someone we had already had the chance to meet before. She held a lecture entitled ‘The science of superheroes’ at 7 pm, which was especially interesting to our younger visitors, but even the rest of us learned something. Tijana vividly explained how Superman would have to eat around five hundred thousand burgers in order to run as fast as a speeding bullet. She also described what the conditions would have to be like on his home planet Krypton to allow him to become a Superman on Earth. We also learned what makes Spiderman successfully climb walls without slipping and we heard about many different examples and analogies from the animal kingdom that might enable us to do the same. 

Day Eight 
Seeing, or hearing, as our member Tanja had lost her voice the day before, the workshop ‘Stars, Planets & Galaxies’ had to be postponed for the following week. In the end the workshop went ahead as planned with equal enthusiasm from students who participated. 
An inspiring lecture entitled ‘The discovery of gravitational waves - a signature of cosmic monsters’ and held by docent Dr. Sci. Davor Horvatić, explained why the scientific community “lost it” when they measured the same shift in the length of different light beams in two different places on Earth. Davor taught us what gravitational waves are, how they confirm Einstein's theory of relativity and much more. After the lecture at dinner we managed to book him for next year with a very interesting topic that we will not disclose just yet. 

Day Nine 
‘On the way to the world's largest gamma-observatory,’ which was the title of Dr. Sci. Dijana Dominis Prester’s lecture, intrigued many. Dijana spoke of her work on gamma telescopes and about what gamma radiation is and why it is important to detect and study it. Diana told us that last year she spent a great deal of her time working in Japan, and what it was like to collaborate with scientists from different cultures. After the lecture, a small dinner party for the lecturer and many other guests awaited, and thanks to our member Nenad and his guitar, we sang long into the night. 

Day Ten 
Sunday was reserved for our member Dunja who gave an excellent lecture, but, sadly enough, those who were invited to hear it did not attend and did not have the opportunity to find out more about light pollution, the benefits that our society could have in a “darker” environment, the development of scientific tourism and what Astronomical society Kumova Slama’s role is in all this. 

And that's it. Yet another 10 Days of Astronomy are behind us and we turn towards the next ones. We hope that you enjoyed it and that you learned something new.



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