10 Days of Astronomy

CARNet makes live stream of 10 DA lectures possible
Thursday, 24. March 2016.
You will be able to follow Professor Vladimir Paar’s lecture ‘Have we managed to narrowly escape a predictable large-scale ice age?’ and Professor Ante Radonić’s lecture ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ live from our 10 DA manifestation online on April 1 and 4, 2016 at 7 pm.
Meet the lecturers
Monday, 07. March 2016.
You can read more about this year’s 10 Days of Astronomy speakers and their lectures in the following article.
10 Days of Astronomy 2016 Timetable
Monday, 22. February 2016.
With about a month left until this year’s days of astronomy the preparations are underway. We have finally created a final version of our timetable. Read more about it in the following article.
A conversation with an astronaut
Sunday, 13. April 2014.10 Days of Astronomy 2014
During the opening ceremony of this year's fifth annual 10 Days of Astronomy we had the honor of interviewing the Czech ambassador in Russia, former astronaut Vladimir Remek.
The last four days of 10DA
Monday, 31. March 2014.10 Days of Astronomy 2014
The story comes to an end. After ten excellent days the time has come to close the event with the FIFTIETH day of astronomy in Daruvar.
Three more days of 10DA
Monday, 31. March 2014.10 Days of Astronomy 2014
In case you missed something, here's a chance to get acquainted with events of the last three days of Ten Days of Astronomy in Daruvar 2014. 
Thursday, 27. March 2014.10 Days of Astronomy 2014
The annual 10DA bring you another tidbit – AstroExpo. What's it all about?
The first three days of 10DA
Tuesday, 25. March 2014.10 Days of Astronomy 2014
The fifth Ten Days of Astronomy, held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipović have begun in the packed hall of Hrvatski dom in Daruvar (naturally).
Ten Days of Astronomy 2014
Sunday, 16. March 2014.10 Days of Astronomy 2014
From March 21 to 30, 2014, Daruvar will once again become an astronomical mecca. Kumova Slama Astronomical Society is pleased to invite you to the fifth annual Ten Days of Astronomy in Daruvar.
Još tri dana DDA 2013.
Sunday, 24. March 2013.10 Days of Astronomy 2013
Kako naši dani prolaze red je da rezimiramo još tri dana ovogodišnjih Deset dana astronomije u Daruvaru.